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Tip, Top, Shape

To most of us, a car is an expensive but a worthy investment. It is every car owners wish that their car gives them maximum efficiency especially when it comes to maintenance and fuel consumption, putting into consideration that fuel is a must incur cost for every car owner.

Two months ago, my husband had to travel for some business conference and he therefore left me his car for the three weeks he was away. Within the first three days of using the car I noted that the car was not running efficiently as it was previously doing.

I took the car to our mechanic who after diagnosing the car recommended I buy a fuel system cleaner kit and he did a total fuel system clean up. To my surprise, I noted that after the exercise the car performance was back to normal and ran smoothly.

From my experience above, I think it’s therefore important for every car owner to know some few things about fuel system cleaner.

Below is some of the information you might find useful about the same.


What is a fuel system cleaner?

Fuel system cleaners are solvents added directly into the fuel tank to dissolve any build-up in the fuel injectors and fuel line. The solvents are then burned away with the fuel during the combustion process.


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Importance of fuel system cleaners

The fuel that is pumped in our cars at the gas stations is not completely pure, it may contain additives and impurities. The fuel can also be compromised when in storage at the tank farms.

Sediments and chemicals in the fuel mean that deposits will certainly build up in the fuel system of your car over time. These deposits will decrease the fuel efficiency and limit the mileage of your car. If neglected for long, they can cause damage, which results to expensive repairs.

Adding the fuel system cleaners to the car fuel is like doing a detox to your car, which will give you noticeable improvement in how your car runs and how it consumes fuel.

Another important use of the fuel system cleaners is when storing your car for long periods. Leaving the car unused a long time increases the risk of sediments build up. It is therefore important to keep the fuel clean even when the vehicle is not in use preventing any damage or parts failure caused by dirty fuel after long storage.

How to use a fuel system cleaner

One follows three main steps when using the fuel system cleaners and you will easily treat your car and keep the fuel lines clean.

Make sure that the car fuel tank is almost empty. This will make you achieve a good mixture of the fuel and the cleaner.

Using your preferred fuel system cleaner, read all the instructions carefully and add the correct amount of the cleaner for the size of your fuel tank.

Empty the contents into the fuel filter on your car, and top up with your regular fuel.

For some particular cleaners there may be some other additional steps but for general maintenance, the above three steps is all you need with the majority of the cleaners available in the market.

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Here are two fuel system cleaners you can use:


BG 44K

BG 44K

This fuel system cleaner has been around for many years and many people swear by it. It is only usable on the gasoline engines and it cleans everything, from the combustion chambers, fuel injector and the valves. It will remove any impurity or object that could be blocking the fuel way thus enhancing fuel economy and the performance of your car.


Very affordable

Tested and proven

Corrects power loss and stalling (make sure there is no other mechanical cause)

Easy to use – just pour in fuel tank

Effective – one can for 20 gallons


May take some time to start feeling the effect


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Red Line SI-1

This is another fuel system cleaner that has been in the market for some time. This product is widely respected for its efficiency at cleaning the entire fuel system components like carburetors, valves, combustion chamber and fuel injector.


Very affordable

Very effective

Cleans old rust in fuel system and prevents corrosion

Cleans fuel of all impurities

Has more polyether amines (PEA) than other cleaners thus it’s the best


It may take some time to note any difference so be patient


Pet Time?

Well, one thing that never closed my husband’s and my mind when we decided to adopt a pet was that this was a very important decision. If you ask me, I would say that it is almost as important as that of having a baby or getting a good running car. We were ill prepared, and we thought that getting a pet would be as easy as walking down to the adoption center and getting one. So we did not do much research on this topic. However, we would find out the hard way that this was not as easy as it looked. Since I would not like you to make the same mistakes, here is what I have learned since and I know it will help you get ready for that very important addition to your family – the pet!

Pets are expensive to maintain

three dogs

Unless you can spare the extra expense, I would advise you to wait just a bit until you get that Labrador that you have been desiring so much. You see, pets, like children, have to be taken to see the pet doctor, have to have a healthy diet, have to be cleaned and they have to have a place to live. Most people think that pet budget is all about food, only to find out later that there is more to pets than that. Be ready, think whether your family budget accommodates a pet.

You should both be agreeable about the pet that you want

Many couples have walked down to the adoption center without knowing clearly what they want. So they have been swayed by the good looks of the furry cat when what they actually wanted was a dog. This is indeed very serious since one person can be a dog person while the other one is a dog person. You need to decide beforehand what it is that you both want and then go for it.

Getting pets is the next phase of your relationship

Getting a pet is such a big deal such that it is considered as the next phase for most relationships. Thus, you should only go for a pet when you decide that your relationship is mature enough and that you can both handle the added responsibility. Believe it or not, pets have caused splits in relationships.

Decide how you will share responsibilities

Just as it is with children, you should decide how you will share the responsibilities of raising the pet together. For example, you need to know who will be walking the pet when, who will be shampooing the dog when and so on. Do not assume that these are small decisions that will eventually work themselves out. Decide about them in advance.

Gauge your communication skills

sick dog

When the pet is sick, needs attention, needs to be fed and watered … that is when you will see that indeed, it is just like raising children. You will need to communicate quite often to make decisions about the pet. If your communication skills are lacking, there will be conflict.

Finally, talk about your fears candidly

Everyone has his/her fears about getting a new addition to the family. Thus, whatever pet you have decided to adopt, you should speak your fears candidly regarding the same. If your partner’s strengths do not cover your fears, well, then maybe a pet at this time is not a good idea.


Dreaded Finances

Finances are the main cause of splits in the family. However, did you know you can avoid that by making budgeting a couple’s thing? It is possible. Having been brought up by two accountants – both my father and mother were accountants, I learned the art of accounting for everything from a young age and believe me, I am a stickler to my budget. However, when I started earning, I would always find it a problem to create a good budget and stick to it but eventually, I did. I have also provided advice to many of my friends about budgeting and for many of them, it has worked.


So how do you need to budget when it is your first time? Here is what I advised my friend Trizza:

Approach the budgeting exercise as a couple. This is because it is about the two of you and anyway, you will both be funding the budget. It can be hard to get used to the idea of budgeting as a couple especially when you have not been long into the marriage but you had better get used to the idea. Practice makes perfect.

couple counting money

Know all of your needs for your home. This is where everything starts. Pen meets paper and you have to decide what you need, when you need it, what is important and what is urgent. Mortgages, car loans, school fees, food, debt payment and utility payment should take the first priority. However, after writing everything down, revisit it and you will see that with keen consideration, you can slash some of the costs saving yourself some good money in the process.


Bring each other up to speed – It’s a marriage! By this, we mean that you all have to be on the same page. Before you got married, you were two totally different people with very different goals. Maybe one of you wants to save more money every month so that in future they can quit employment and go into business. One of you does not plan to quit employment and has no qualms about spending comfortably. Such things cause rifts when planning. What you need to do is make sure you are all on the same perspective. Decide on how you will be spending and saving, even before you get to budgeting.


Needs should always come first. For example, rent, mortgage, car loan, groceries, utilities and transport are needs. However, you could also have some wants like eating out. Needs always come first, these are things that you can do without. Wants are mostly luxuries that you can well do without if family finances do not allow.

Father paying bills with family behind him

Think carefully about debt. If you have married recently and one of you is in serious or big debt, then you have to think about this debt carefully. As long as one of you is in big debt, both of you will be captives, ensnared in this debt. Thus, you need to come up with a strategy that will help you get out of debt. Thankfully, it is really not too hard if you focus on it. Include debt payment in your long-term financial plans.